100% Cotton

  • Product code: P000033

Product details
Dyed with bright dyes, high color fastness, complete
on intermittent machines and continuous machines.
Ingredients: 100% Combed Cotton and 100% Combed Cotton
Use: Garment
Weight: 110-150g / m2

Fabric characteristics:
- Soft, cool, comfortable and durable
- High humidity
- Diversity in design (pattern, Caro, stripes ...) and colors (up to 14 colors)
- High color fastness (reactive dyes)
- Easy to wash & clean
- Ironing even at high temperatures
- Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
Usage: used for dress shirts, dress women dresses, pajamas, beds and curtains

Other functions (according to customer requirements)
- Whitening - Perfecting
- Anti-ultraviolet rays
- Water proof
- Antistatic
- Anti-bacteria
- Ability to burn
- Wicking ..

Quality control:
- Specifications: 4 standard points.
- Suitable for color Standards: tested by computer spectrometer.
- Oeko-tex certificate
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